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DIY Walls Painting Kit

Get Set Up Like a Pro

If you are set on painting your house yourself. And want to end up with professional results, then this service is for you! 

Here is how it work

Purple Wall

You call, we show up.

And this is what we do

  1. We measure the areas you want to paint

  2. Recommend the right paint for the job

  3. Assist in colour choices with swatches

  4. Professional grade paint picked up by us.

  5. All tools supplied you will need to complete the job.

  6. Perform prep work and patching if required

What is in your Painting Kit

Professional grade material at a discount

  1. Gallons of Paint

  2. Small tub of plaster

  3. Plastic Spatula for patching small holes

  4. Sand Paper

  5. Paint Brushes

  6. Paint Rollers

  7. Roller Frames

  8. Plastic furniture covers

  9. Drop sheets (loaners)

  10. Frog Tape

Green Wall
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